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Somewhere I had read swag is for boys and class is for men. It’s so true!! Nothing can beat a well-tailored suit when it comes to men's fashion. Too many fashion enthusiasts from the young clan are starting their professional lives without having a clue as to how to dress. Deciding what to wear when to which event can be overwhelming for the fashion-challenged, especially when you are clear on what's a tuxedo and what's a suit. Metallica collection offers you the sartorial difference between classy and casual suits.

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You’ve just received an invitation to an event or party, and in the card it is mentioned as “business casual” or “black tie attire only.” In this post I offer you a list of dress code terms which can help you understand the men’s fashion sensibilities.

Casual: This kind of attire can also be called “informal.” Essentially, this means that anything goes. However, you should have a sensible taste and avoid worn out clothing with holes, tears, and stains if possible.

Smart casual: This kind of ensemble is also known as “dressy casual.” It can be best described as “dressed-up versions of casual looks.” That means a nice pair of trousers paired with a polo or button-up shirt. Usually it’s best to avoid shorts, old pairs of jeans, and t-shirts for this dress code. Metallica collections offer you a wide range of trousers to choose from. Pick one that compliments your profile.

Business casual : This is probably the most confusing fashion jargon in our bucket as it mentions both business (professional look) and casual (what seems like the exact opposite). Fortunately, Metallica Collections are offering some best of the styles that are designed to fit any body type.

2 Button Maroon Casual Jacket

For example, 2 button maroon casual jacket from Metallica Collections can instantly jazz up your look. Whether you're going for business lunch or official dinner party, this contemporary look can help you leave behind a strong impact at the venue. You can pair this jacket with tailor fit trousers, with a collared shirt and a belt.

Beach formal : Chances are you might not have heard of “beach formal” either, but there is such a thing. Think tropical and think elegant. Pressed linen and seersucker immediately come to mind, and so do good-looking sandals and sunglasses. That said, the al fresco party venue demands summer fashion without a jacket, such as khaki or linen pants paired with a white or pastel linen shirt with sleeves folded back to your elbows. Depending on how hot it is, you can go for a fitted linen vest instead of a blazer. Remember Hritik's wedding look from the last scene of the movie Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara?

For example, 4 button shawl lapel waist coat with piping by Metallica Collections would best work.

4 button shawl lapel waist coat with piping

Cocktail attire : This kind of dressing bridges the gap between casual day wear, that's considered to be too relaxed, and formal evening attire, that's too prim and proper. Also known as “cocktail chic” indicates serious fashion i.e. you should be well dressed (no shorts, sandals, or t-shirts), but there is usually some wiggle room for personality. Men should wear dark suits (with or without a tie), dress pants with dress shirts, and even a nice pair of jeans with a sport coat or jacket.

Example - Single brest two button Jacket with piping by Metallica Collections.

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Single brest two button Jacket with piping

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