Every action has a reaction. One thought can spark curiosity. One step can lead to discovery.

One creation can improve the lives of millions. Every decision you make is full of possibility. Choose to improve the future.

Make P N RAO your next big move and fully realize your potential.

P N RAO – at a glance!

It takes a special kind of company and a special kind of work environment to tackle some of the challenging jobs to satisfy each and every customers for 90 years with same enthusiasm, esteem, pride and dignity.

Following trend and also holding on the fashion tunes of the era.


P N RAO touch the lives of people and communities where we work.


For more than four decades, our company has been built on Integrity, honesty, and togetherness.

Safety and Environment

At P N RAO we believe in a discipline to all our endeavour and follow a progressive and an ever updating SOP.


We plan and act for the future of our company, our customers, and the world. Bringing newer ways to help people feel pride to what they wear.

P N RAO - Culture

Work Environment:

With more than 300 work force from last four decade P N RAO had actively taken care to the pride team possession of experts and service associates. With stores beyond states the company had integrated a system to help adapt the talents cross borders.


The reach ability to the management and appreciation on new ideas and strategies makes the platform for all team members to work with integrity and without pressurized work load. How ever creating a flow of division of work force with directive principles at each locate allows the growth of one and come our with excellence in every phases and areas.


At P N RAO the time and space factors are taken absolute care in terms of flexibility where one can not only adapt but also thrive to excel in his locale.

Organization reputation

The founding members being also the pivots of the state chamber of commerce and other association of repute, P N RAO stands tall in its existence and spread.

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