Styling Tips for the Versatile Navy Blue Suit

Be it a casual or formal event, a cold or warm season or any other occasion, a navy blue suit fits just right anywhere. It is one colour that lets you easily dress up or down and gives you a string of options with shirts and accessories to match with. Here are a few interesting ideas for styling the navy blue men’s suit:

1.You might have definitely paired the navy blue suit with a white shirt or a light blue shirt, but have you tried pairing it with a light pink one? If not, you sure must if you want to add an element of playfulness to your attire. Complete the look with a purple or blue tie and turn heads wherever you go.

2. A tie can totally up the style quotient of a suit outfit. And a navy blue suit is one that lets you experiment with a variety of tie colours and patterns.You can go for a pink tie & white shirt, black tie & black shirt, red tie & white shirt combinations & more under the blue suit. You can also wear polka dotted, striped, floral, plaid ties and more with the navy blue suit.

3. Patterned suits are much in vogue and you can go for a plethora of options with navy blue suits. Go for a striped, checked, tartan, plaid, herringbone suit or the like, they will all look great on a blue suit.

4. Accessorizing is a very important part of suiting up, and in order to improve your style quotient, you need to wear matching accessories. You can pair your navy blue suit with brown shoes, black shoes, grey shoes or even red shoes, they will

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