4 Best Colours for men to wear in the fall season

The colour palettes we see around us are changing as the fall season continues. We see vibrance and shimmer all around us and it would be great to align our fall outfits with the colour of the season. Here are few colours trending this fall:


Orange is a very vibrant colour and it is one that uplifts your mood. It is an ideal colour to wear in the autumn season and goes well with brown tones. It also goes well with colours like black, charcoal and the like. Most men wear a dash of orange with their vests, pocket squares, ties, etc. along with their suits.


Red, maroon and its different tones are totally the colours of fall. So is the case with burgundy. They add the much-needed shine to this season. The best way to use burgundy in men’s suits is to wear a blazer of the shade. It keeps you warm, yet makes you look cool.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a colour for all seasons! It works quite well for both casual and formal outfits and also easily helps you dress up or down by teaming it up with the right accessories and shoes.

Emerald Green

The one colour tone that looks the most amazing in the fall season is green. Emerald green is a beautiful colour that adds vibrance to a dull day. Try wearing an emerald green jacket or pants and look dapper this fall season.

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