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When it comes to men’s fashion, nothing defines class and sophistication quite like the timeless suit. Be it a Ready Made Suit or a custom-made one, the right suit can transform an ordinary man into a beacon of elegance and style. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various men’s Suit Styles, helping you pick the perfect ensemble for any occasion.

Introduction to Men's Suit Styles

Men’s suits have evolved over the years, blending tradition with modern aesthetics. From formal business meetings to casual social gatherings, the right suit can make a powerful statement. But with numerous styles available, picking the right one can be challenging.

Ready-Made Suit: The Quick Fix

The ready-made suit is the most common type of suit available in the market. These suits are mass-produced in standard sizes, catering to a wide range of body types. The primary benefit of a ready-made suit is its convenience – you can walk into a store, find your size, and walk out with a suit in a matter of minutes.

Blazer Coat: The Casual Classic

Blazers, often confused with suit jackets, are actually a category of their own. While a suit jacket is part of a matching set with trousers, a blazer is a stand-alone piece. It’s typically less formal and more versatile than a suit jacket, making it a great option for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Bespoke Suit: The Ultimate in Personalization

When it comes to personalization and fit, nothing beats a bespoke suit. These suits are custom-made to the wearer’s exact measurements and specifications, offering an unmatched level of comfort and style. Bespoke suits are typically more expensive and time-consuming to produce than ready-made suits, but the end result is a suit that fits like a second skin and reflects the wearer’s unique style and personality.

Suit Styles: The Breakdown

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve deeper into the different styles of men’s suits.

Single Breasted Suits

The single-breasted suit is the most common style of suit jacket. It features a single row of buttons down the front, with the jacket’s left side overlapping the right.

Double Breasted Suits

The double-breasted suit is a more formal and traditional option. It features two parallel rows of buttons, with the left side of the jacket overlapping the right to a greater extent than in a single-breasted suit.

Tuxedo Suits

The tuxedo is the epitome of formal wear. Distinguished by its satin or grosgrain lapels, tuxedos are typically reserved for black-tie events.

Mandarin/Bandhgala Suits

The Mandarin or Bandhgala suit is a fusion of Eastern and Western styles. It features a closed, stand-up collar and is often worn on formal occasions in countries like India.

Choosing the Right Suit for Different Occasions

The right suit can vary depending on the occasion. For formal events, a black or dark gray suit is appropriate. For casual events, lighter hues and relaxed fabrics like cotton or linen are suitable.

Wedding Suits

Weddings call for a suit that reflects the formality of the occasion. A tuxedo or a dark-colored suit is a classic choice.

Business Suits

For business settings, a conservative suit in a dark color is appropriate. Single-breasted suits with a notch lapel are a safe choice.

Maintenance and Care of Suits

Proper care can extend the lifespan of a suit. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and occasional repairs can keep a suit looking its best.


Most suits are dry-clean only. It’s best to spot-clean any stains immediately and to have the suit professionally cleaned a few times a year.


Suits should be stored on a hanger in a cool, dry place. Use a garment bag for added protection.

The Future of Men's Suits

The future of men’s suits is likely to involve a blend of tradition and innovation. While the classic suit will always remain a staple, we can expect to see more personalized options and sustainable practices in suit production.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic ready-made suit or the personalized blazer coat, remember that the most important aspect of any suit is its fit. A well-fitted suit, regardless of its style, can elevate your look and boost your confidence. So, suit up and make a statement with your style!

Remember, as the folks at P N RAO say, “A good suit is not just about the fabric or the cut, it’s about the man wearing it.”