Defined by fit, designed by P N RAO — the canvas suit is a work of art that fits the wearer like a dream.

Canvas suits find their character in distinct constructs, namely full canvas and half canvas.

The constructs lend shape and form to the jackets,
bestowing the wearer with an individualistic appearance.


Full canvas suits are constructed with horsehair canvas under a wool fabric shell. This exquisite canvas holds the shape of the suit and keeps it from sagging. Simply put, it is the foundation of the suit. Horsehair canvas moulds itself to the wearer’s body, forming a faultless fit. This way, common stress points such as shoulders and elbows are allowed to breathe free.


Unlike full canvas suits, half canvas suits have canvas material running only across the chest and the lapel of the jacket. Beyond that, the jacket is fused. However, half canvas suits come with their own advantages, chief among them their reduced price. Additionally, partial canvassing allows the suit to drape across the wearer’s chest freely, rather than appearing stiff like other fused jackets do.