Cufflink Your Way into New Year


Cufflinks can be a great way to accessorize your bespoke suit further. We will elaborate on the types of cufflinks, usage and which suit looks good with which cufflink.

Excited? Here we go.

We all know that cufflinks are used to secure button shirt cuffs. Securing of the cufflinks is usually achieved via toggles or reverses based on the design of the front section, which can be folded into specified position. In addition, there are also variants with chains or a rigid, bent rear section. The front sections of the cufflinks can be decorated with gemstones, inlays, inset material or enamel and designed in two or three-dimensional form. Cufflinks are designed only for use with shirts which have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons



Although the first cufflinks appeared in the 1600s, they did not become common until the end of the 18th century. Their development is closely related to men's shirt. Men have been wearing shirts since the invention of woven fabric 5,000 years BC. By the middle of 19th century the modern cufflink became popular. The shirt front as well as collar and cuffs covering areas of the most wear were made sturdier.

Colored cufflinks made from gemstones were initially only worn by men with a great deal of self-confidence; however the situation changed when the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, popularized colorful Faberge cufflinks by the 19th century. During this time cufflinks became fashion accessories and one of the few acceptable items of jewellery for men in Britain and the U.S. This development continued into the early 1900s, with more cufflinks worn than ever before. These were available in every type of form, colour and material, incorporating both gemstones and less precious stones and glass in cheaper copies. Intricate colored enameled cufflinks in every conceivable geometric pattern were especially popular.

Working of a cufflink

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The most common cufflink consists of a large head or “insert member” with a decorative face, a post that extends from the back of the head, and a hinged toggle that swings out from the post to fasten the link.

Types of Cufflinks

There are dozens of variations in cufflinks

Whale Back Cufflinks: The most common type of design available. It has a flat head, a straight post, and a “whale tail” that flips completely flat against the post

Bullet Back Cufflinks: These are quite similar to whale tail cufflinks, but the post is a hollow frame, and the closing mechanism has a cylinder which nests inside the frame.

Stud or Button Style Cufflinks: have a large head, a straight post, and a smaller, interior head or backing. The smaller head is tilted, worked through the buttonhole.

Chain Link Cufflinks : These have two identical heads connected by a short length of fine chain

Ball Return Cufflinks: : have a curved post with a small, heavy ball opposite the decorative head

Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks: Use a hinge mechanism similar to the closure of a metal watchband.

Knot Cufflinks: Are similar to chain link, with two heads connected by a short, flexible length, but they are made of soft cord

Fabric Cufflinks: These can be almost any fastener style, but have a fabric “button” on top as the ornamental face.

When to wear & what to wear with?

There are no hard and fast rules with this accessory. You can wear cufflinks whenever you want to wear them provided your shirt or suits have the necessary arrangement i.e. a buttonhole without buttons.

These can be worn on a formal suiting or a casual sports jacket or on a flannel work shirt. Cufflinks are only going to accentuate the look.

Check out our amazing suit collection for your Christmas & New Year Bash. We have mentioned the type of cufflinks to be paired with.

2 piece suit


You are sure to look your best in this grey 2 piece suits with fine lines forming micro tiny checks. This smart suit features:

Frilled Shirt - The staunch white shirt with white linear frilled lines looks and tiny black buttons looks awesome. It comes with a matching bow tie.

Coat: The smart grey coat has fine lines forming micro tiny checks.

This coat features two waist pockets along with a stylish pocket square which lets you experiment with fashion. The shawl lapels look very trendy with a white flower brooch. This is a 2 button jacket; hence the bottom one needs to be kept open always. Trousers: We have matching trousers like that of suit which has fine lines forming micro squares. They are stitched with extreme finesse. Its length ends right at the foot where shoe begins.

Cufflink: Pair this exquisite piece with golden Bullet back / Toggle Cufflinks.


Rock the Christmas party in this fabulous black printed tuxedo.

Shirt: The staunch white shirt with white linear frilled lines looks and tiny black buttons looks awesome. It comes with a matching bow tie.

Trouser: A specless black trouser has been designed without pleats which looks quite classic.

Tuxedo: This masterpiece has black paisleys on white ground. It features satin shawl lapel which oozes fashion in every direction.

It has two waist pockets with black piping and a pocket square.

Cufflink: Pair this smart tuxedo set with chain link cufflinks to add a bit of jazz to it.

Now that you know all about a cufflink, you are all set to complete your James Bond 2017 look.

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