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A Jodhpuri suit or bandhgala is a semi-formal traditional suit originated in Rajasthan which eventually got popular all over the country. A Bandhgala is considered a product of interpretation of Indo-Western sartorial style. Jodhpuri Suit is a western style suit product, with a coat and a trouser, at times accompanied by a vest. It brings together the western cut with Indian hand-embroidery escorted by the Waist coat. Different types of embellishments like designer buttons, cufflinks and brooches are used to make it look even grand.

This suit is applicable for all festive gatherings like weddings or family gatherings. Generally the material used is silk which is lined at the collar to give in more detailed look

Smart Standup Collar Jodhpuri Suit


This smart stand up collar jodhpuri suit has been inspired from uniform of armed forces especially the neck part. It has a standing collar with a deep u shaped neck where in you can opt for a silk scarf to beat the cold and up the fashion quote.

The grey fabric with a glint of blue and red gives it a royal look. The wooden buttons have a slant opening which add a stylish touch. The coat has been provided with black piping to give the right finishing. It features two waist pockets and a pocket square. The pocket square has been embellished with exquisite embroidery and stones.

This standup collar jodhpuri suit is to be paired with a silk chudi legged bottom in black or white. You can adorn a heavy gold chain. A grey metallic watch would be ideal for a classic look. Go for black / grey velvet juttis. You can also find these juttis with rich embroidery these days. Cropped side would make you look handsome in this suit.

Stylish Jodhpuri Suit


The smart and stylish plain suit in purple is a class in itself. It has a velvet collar neck and a strip which runs through the center of the suit. The buttons have been concealed with the velvet strip to give a rich look. It has been provided with two waist pockets and a pocket square which also has a velvet strip. The pocket square lets you experiment with style. Try different silk handkerchiefs of contrasting color or pattern.

This suit is to be paired with a silk dhoti style bottom in black. Opt for minimal jewelry and a metal strapped watch for a classic look. For a formal look you can go for plain oxfords in shiny black and for a conventional look, opt for a Punjabi jutti in contrasting color. Messy hair in waves with beard or short hair would complete the look.

Dashing Standing Collar Jodhpuri Suit


The black shiny jodhpuri suit will make any man crave for it. The main fabric is provided a glint of shine which is stitched in a unique pattern. The standing collar and the v neck are bordered with shiny micro small beads which glitter. The inside of v neck is provided with a muslin cloth to give out an English lieutenant's look. The suit is given a black piping to show the right finished look.

It features two waist pockets and a brooch made of same beads like that of collar. This suit should be paired with a black silk bottom in Patiala or chudi legged style. Opt out jewellery other than a watch as the shiny neckline and brooch do the required work. Go for straight shag cut to match this exquisite suit. Go for single or double monk matching shoes to complete the look.

Jodhpuri 2 button waist pocket


This smart 2 button jodhpuri suit is also provided with a waist coat. The polka dotted shirt is the new trend in men's fashion world. Round collar neck with close up buttons enhances it appeal. The shirt is paired with sleek looking grey trousers without pleats. This set of shirt and trousers come with a trendy 2 button waist coat in grey which features 2 waist pockets and a pocket square. The shiny metal buttons and the piping accentuate the look. You can opt for heavy jewellery like a broad gold chain and bracelet. Go for straight shag cut to match this exquisite suit. Go for single or double monk matching shoes to complete the look.

Conventional Bandhgala / Jodhpuri Suit


PNRAO known for its bespoke indo-western suits has designed a spectacular bandhgala or Nehru collar suit in grey. This fabulous suit features:

Stone studded collar: The stylish bandhgala or Nehru collar is all stone studded in darker shade to accentuate the look further. The simple color and design of the entire suit turns into an instant eye grabber with this stone studded collar.

Contrasting pocket square: Pocket square is something where you get a chance to experiment with different colors and designs especially when the suit looks very simple for a festive gathering. In this case you can either go ahead with a solid dark grey silk handkerchief or with paisley designs in contrasting color.

Designer buttons: Buttons also play an important role in any garment. As they catch the first attention, it’s important to have nice buttons which can accentuate the look further. This suit features white buttons with cute floral design on top.

This suit should be worn on silk white chudi legged bottom and juttis in contrasting color.Tended with a traditional touch to bring out the prince in you, these Jodhpuris are breathtakingly imperial.

Look out for more light and heavy beautiful jodhpuri suits only at PNRao.

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