At PN RAO, we boast an impressive heritage of bespoke gentleman’s fashion.

From shirts to suiting, from pocket squares to shoes, our products compete to be crowned champion of finery.



Class, sophistication, and a touch of modernity. It’s everything you’ve wanted in a suit. Now, you can make it all your own. PN RAO’s exquisite suits are the epitome of fine fashion for gentlemen. From weddings to business meetings, from date night to casual brunches, there’s a suit for every occasion.


The ideal silhouette for a bold and timeless style is the long suit. This garment ensures that your suit remains the centerpiece of your ensemble as you step into the corner office or meeting, prepared to take the world by storm.


It is time to disregard the myth that jackets are the go-to garment of a sloppy dresser. When paired with matching trousers and matched with a smart casual shirt, the right suit jacket will take you places. PN RAO’s range of jackets are designed to present yourself as a sharp dresser, regardless of the occasion.


Tailored to befit lifestyles, seasons and individual fashion sensibilities, our shirts are produced for the modern man. Choose from pastels, patterned and one-of-a-kind designs that freshen up your wardrobe..


We pride ourselves on producing the finest, most fashionable ethnic men’s wear that are a blend of the classic and the contemporary. Rich fabrics are infused with unique designs to give you suits that are sure to stand out at a wedding, a special occasion, or glitzy social gathering.


Keep your fashion trepidation at bay. Our trousers are woven to comfortably soft texture with the right flexibility. Whether it’s a soothing beige or a bold navy blue, our trousers will prove the ideal partner to a sharp jacket.


PN RAO’s Signature Shoes have been perfected by experts over the years. Each shoe is carefully sewn to resist the course of time, with respect to quality and evolving styles. What’s more, you are at liberty to customize each shoe to your liking, giving yourself room to slip into the precise look you desire.


If manners maketh a man, accessories maketh an ensemble. There’s something distinctly pleasing about the glint of cuff links and a neatly tied bow tie. At PN RAO, we lay emphasis on creating the complete look for a gentleman. Discover everything from ties to lapel pins and more in our stores.