Best suit fabrics for the red carpet

The red carpet is one place that fashion lovers look up to for some inspiration. You can find celebrities in dapper men’s suits and other stunning costumes dazzling on the red carpet. You can totally look like a celebrity and get your dream suit made if you have the perfect suit fabric. Here are the best suit fabrics to use for the red carpet:


The red carpet is all about glamour and looking your regal best. What better fabric than velvet to do justice to such an event! Not only is velvet soft to touch, but it is also breathable and durable as well. It can be worn in the form of a full suit for an important event or as a dinner jacket along with jeans.


Wool is a very popular fabric used to make suits. Woolen suits give you a very refined appearance and give out the ‘classic’ suit appeal. In addition to these, woolen suits are soft and wrinkle-free as well. They will also keep you warm and comfortable.


For men’s suits, linen would be the lightest, most breathable fabric to use. Linen is perfect if a casual, easy look is what you prefer to sport on the red carpet, and these suits look best when worn in darker colours. The only problem with linen is that it wrinkles easily. If that issue is taken care of then there’s nothing like this fabric.


Cotton, just like linen will help you send out a casual vibe. Especially, if you are wearing a suit in the summers, cotton would be your best bet. It is extremely breathable, light and can be worn all year round.

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