How Men Can Nail the Perfect Office Look

How Men Can Nail the Perfect Office Look

Most of the offices have a very flexible attitude to work attire. Not all of them demand an extremely professional dressing. However, men can always choose to sport a flawless office look, with a suit, and stand out from the rest of the crowd. P N Rao has a range of casual as well as premium suits, in single-breasted and double-breasted variety, that you can buy online and nail your office wear. Here are a few suggestions on what you can wear to office:

Keep it Casual with Single-Breasted Jackets

The buzz word ‘smart- casual’ goes perfectly with the single –breasted jackets more than any other men’s attire. These can be seen worn by men belonging to all fraternities and industries, as they are very easy to carry off and look extremely elegant. A single-breasted jacket is one that has only one column of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric. These typically have two or three buttons and a notch lapel.

The single-breasted jackets are very versatile as they can be paired with various types of shirts and t-shirts underneath and create a different look each time. You can buy a maroon casual single-breasted jacket from P N Rao and wear it over a light-coloured shirt or a dark coloured shirt, with or without stripes. Alternately, if you are wearing a striped shirt, you should be wearing a plain single-breasted jacket of blue or beige colour.

Look simple and sophisticated with single-breasted suits

You just read about how you can pull off separates by picking a jacket and pairing it with any shirt and trousers you want, based on the look you want to create. On the other hand, if you are someone who loves to don suits to office, then your perfect ‘smart-casual suit look’ has got to be the single-breasted suit. They are professional looking, but are not so much as the double-breasted variety. They are more on the casual side. You can easily wear one of these to a meeting at office, or for a normal day at office. If you want to sport the classy black suit, then we have got the perfect single-breasted suit online at P N Rao- a 2 button, 2 piece formal suit in black, with a black and white check tie

Nail the professional look with double-breasted suits

Want to look flawless at the client meeting? Go the extra mile and show everyone that you mean real business by donning a double-breasted suit to work. A great looking suit can make you feel taller and extremely refined. A double-breasted jacket is one with overlapping front laps and two symmetrical column of buttons. In most cases, one column of buttons is decorative and the other one is the functional column. This type of suit is supposed to be snug around the hips and wide at the shoulders. This can make you sport an immaculate, official look. Buy double-breasted suit online of best quality at P N Rao and head to a great day at work.

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