How to look sharp at work with P N Rao men’s office wear collection

Entering into a golden era of men’s office wear, many workplaces have a flexible attitude to work attire. Nowadays, the workplace is becoming increasingly casual, but it doesn’t mean that you look like every other cubicle-bound drone at the office. So, now it’s time to talk about how to nail office wear for men.

Focus on fits!
The golden rule of perfect styling is to choose clothes that fit you properly and more importantly is sized correctly. Once you have nailed the fit, start building your wardrobe by picking pieces that are easy to mix and match with the entire wardrobe.

The smart choice!
Though nowadays most offices do not have complete formal wear, sometimes going the extra mile can also show that you mean business. There is nothing more empowering than putting on a great looking suit. A suit always looks good while maintaining that touch of class.

Keep it simple and classy!
The single-breasted suit is a wardrobe staple and always looks good. Just remember to keep your look simple and classic and you'll have the right amount of business professional when you rock up to work.

The essentials!
Suits and Blazers: While choosing your office suits and blazers the main factor to consider should always be the color of the material. Pick neutral colors and stick to plain colored materials such as charcoal, dark shades and navy blue suits. These colors are easy to adapt to your wardrobe. Shirts: Solid are obviously the easiest to match. Consider wearing a shirt that fits your body properly as it is considered far more professional. Trousers: Keep your office trousers that fit comfortably in the waist, the hips and especially in the drop between the waistband and the crotch. Accessories: We say less is more! Add a watch and a solid tie is enough.

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Tips: Office wear for men

  • Maintaining a smart, streamlined look is the key to dressing for the office.
  • Keep jeans and trousers cut slim fitted.
  • To create some interest and personality to your work wear add in pop of colors and patterns.
  • Ensure t-shirts, shirts and sweaters are fitted
  • Maintain a relatively subdued color palette
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