How To Style A Tuxedo For Weddings Or Any Special Occasion

When the wedding season or any special occasion is around the corner, the thought of looking stylish in a tuxedo comes in mind. Tuxedo is an extremely stylish formal attire that men choose to wear on special occasions where they aim to look elegant.

Tuxedos have always been seen as the sexy cousins of suits. These are more formal than suits and can be worn for all events.

At first glance, suits and tuxedos might seem similar to you. But, the biggest difference between suits and tuxedos is the use of silk satin in the design of the tuxedo, most prominently on the lapels. On the other hand, suits are always made with a consistent fabric on both the jacket and pants and with no special lapels. Also, most tuxedos have silk-covered jacket buttons while suits have normal buttons

How to wear a Tuxedo?

The tuxedos are designed to elevate your appearance above the normal day-to-day suits, specially designed to celebrate something special. A tuxedo isn’t complete without the right styling elements like the accessories: bow ties, pocket square, leather lace-up shoes, studs, and cufflinks. A Tuxedo has three important elements that constitute to bring the best outfit that is - jacket, shirt, and trouser.

If you want to be ultra-classy, but black¬’s not your col¬or. No worries! A tuxe¬do does¬n’t have to be black. P N RAO presents you off-white tuxedo crafted from fine wool and a shining lapel compliment the plain design. It’s up there with black for one of the classi¬est looks around.

Why merge with the crowd when you can stand out!

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