Signs of a well-fitted shirt

A nice shirt is only as impressive as its fit. No matter how stunning your shirt might look, if it does not fit you right, then your suit overall will not good. Here are a few things to consider when you slip into one:


The collar of your shirt shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. It should have just the right fit. To make sure that it’ not too tight try to fit in your two fingers when buttoned up, and if it slides in easily then it’s the right fit.


The fit of the shoulder could be something that most people get wrong. For the short collar, the seam should sit exactly where your shoulder meets your arm. It shouldn’t overhang or stay too close to your neck.


Casual and formal shirts have different sleeve lengths. With a formal shirt, the sleeve should be long enough that the cuff should be visible when wearing a blazer or jacket on. With casual shirts, you can roll up your sleeves as per convenience.


Formal shirts are usually longer than casual shirts. Ideally, good shirts should have more fabric at the back than the front.


The waist portion of the shirt should sit flat against your stomach without any bunching or pulling. If you’re wider at the shoulders than your waist, you can end up with excess fabric.

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