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Buy Men’s Suits & Jackets Online

Men’s suits are outfits that help to instantly elevate your style to a whole new class. They help to flaunt your silhouette in a great way and make you look absolutely sophisticated and refined. It is also an important investment for you as your collection of men’s suits is not going to be as vast as your casual outfits. Hence, it is extremely important to buy men’s suits online from a very trusted brand. P N Rao has been successfully making suits for men and ethnic wear since 1923, and have patrons all across the world. We have a wide range of classy suits, including the single-breasted suits, double-breasted suits, tuxedos, Bundhgala suit, various types of jackets and more. We also believe in creating unique, tailor-made suits for every man. Hence, you can reach out to our sartorial experts for bespoke suits.

A Collection of Classy Men’s Suits Online

Under P N Rao’s collection of suits for men, you can pick your favourite based on the style, fabric, fit, etc. The occasion you are heading for also calls for very different styles of suits to be worn. Here’s what you can find at P N RAO suits online.

Single-breasted Suits & Jackets

These help you exude a ‘smart-casual’ look at work or at a formal dinner party. Single breasted suits for men are very comfortable to wear and carry off. These are not as formal looking as the double-breasted variety, and hence can be worn on a casual day of work to office as well. A single-breasted jacket is one that has only one column of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric. These typically have two or three buttons and a notch lapel. Buy single-breasted suits and jackets in various colours and fabrics from P N Rao.

Double-breasted Suits

If you are headed to an official event or an important client meeting, then the perfect outfit to wear is a double-breasted suit. It is characterised by overlapping front laps and two symmetrical column of buttons. This type of suit is supposed to be snug around the hips and wide at the shoulders. These are mostly worn to very formal events. Buy double-breasted suits online of best quality at P N Rao to look great at work.


For occasions like a formal dinner party, a ball dance, or a friend’s wedding, you need to look your classy best! There are no attires as good as the tuxedos for you to sport one such look. On P N Rao, you can choose the most beautifully made tuxedos in colours like black, navy blue tuxedo, green and more. Buy tuxedos online on P N Rao and head to the classiest events in town.

You can buy 2-piece and 3-piece suits in the single-breasted variety on P N Rao. We also have the more Indian version like the Bundhgala suits and Bundi jackets that are ideal to be worn to traditional Indian functions.