The ultimate guide to winter styling for men

The most beautiful time of the year is upon us, the winters! It’s time to pull out the suits made of warm fabrics, look sharp & feel warm at the same time. Although winter suiting is all about including a lot of layers, it can be made to look very interesting and dapper. Here are a few ideas for winter styling:

1. Go for half- or fully-lined suit jackets. The benefit of wearing lined jackets is that they resist wrinkles, retain warmth within and are better for everyday use. So, buy men’s suits that have lined jackets in the winter season.
2. The fabric you use during the winters is of utmost importance. It is better to not go for cotton, polyester or linen suits as these will not help to keep you warm.
3. The most popular suit fabric used in the winters is wool. Wool is a breathable fabric that drapes around the body well and keeps you very warm.
4. Another popular winter fabric is tweed. Tweed is made from wool and it is spun in a way that gives it a unique appearance and feel. Tweed suits for men are best suited if you are living in a very cold region.
5. Herringbone suits are warm and heavy. These are made from wool or flannel and have a distinctive zig-zag pattern on them. These suits are a classic winter choice.
6. As for the colours to wear in winter, always go for darker colours. You can go for the staple black, navy blue, or dark brown or you can also choose to have some fun with colours by going for maroon, dark green, purple and the like.

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