Your Essential Guide to Pulling off a Metallic Suit

We see bold menswear statements this year – and the metallic suit is no different Whether you are the groom or the groom’s best friend, look sharp wherever you go with classy metallic suits in your wardrobe. Available in a myriad of colours, you can invest in a well-fitting suit that looks amazing on you!

How to Pull off a Metallic Suit

Do a basic search online to understand the styles you can carry off, the fit you want, and how to put it all together with aplomb. In fact, a big inspiration is some of the biggest stars who have pulled off this unique look on the red carpet with panache. You too can achieve this look with a well-tailored suit.

Here are a few things to consider –

  • Most celebrities who choose to go for the metallic look end up losing the tie. This shifts the focus on the suit itself, allowing you to find a balance between the appealing fabric and the toned-down shirt.
  • Pick a crisp dress shirt that adds to the elegance of your suit. Make sure it is pressed really well since it significantly influences your overall fit and look.
  • Plan well in advance. Make your case, and influence others. That means you must stick to crisp, clean, and well-fitted clothing that levels up your look.
  • Consider having a back-up set of pants and shirt in the closet that you can pull out in a pinch. Having a Plan B can help make sure that last minute mishaps like a lost shirt at the laundromat or a burnt pant will not stop you from donning the great metallic look at the event.
  • Pair your look with the right accessories. You want to make sure that the cufflinks you wear, the dress watch you pick or the shoes you wear, all go perfectly well the metallic colour you have picked. In a quintessential Indian wedding, you will find that the metallic suit goes best with a gold watch.

Get your suit dry-cleaned and ironed before you wear it at the big event. Also get it cleaned right after the event, to make sure that all the spills and stains are taken care of well in advance to your next date with this exquisite outfit.

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